Dawat-E-Eid Wins H earts & Social Media: Influential personalities praise Dinner Buffet at Food Exchange, Novotel Mumbai International Airport.


Mumbai, April 13th: The Dawat e Eid Dinner Buffet at Food Exchange, Novotel Mumbai International Airport, unfolded as a heartwarming celebration, leaving a lasting impression on both attendees and social media platforms.

At the heart of the dawat gathering the content was the ace journalist Rajveer Singh, a familiar face in the influencers world. His interaction with the culinary experts, esteemed influencers, and enterprising entrepreneurs added warmth and familiarity to the event as they shared food, laughs and stories.

Roshan Kamble, the creative eye behind R K Photography, captured the essence of the evening with his skillful lens, preserving precious moments of joy.

Among the esteemed guests was Riya Shah, an entrepreneur and avid blogger known for her adventurous spirit and love for exploration. With over 200 brand collaborations to her name.

Aunsh Chaughule, the co-founder of Catalyst Crew, brought his strategic expertise to the table, enriching the conversations with innovative marketing insights and astute observations.

The genuine connections formed and the shared laughter and joy became the heart and soul of the Dawat e Eid Dinner Buffet, creating an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie that touched the hearts of all who attended.

The culinary creations of renowned chefs such as Chef Abhijeet Bagwe and Chef Ashish Kadam transported diners on a flavorful journey, evoking memories of bustling street markets and family gatherings.

From mouthwatering starters like Dahi Wada, Chicken Reshmi Kebab, and Fish Koliwada to comforting mains like Mutton Nihari and fragrant Chicken Biryani, each dish carried with it a story of tradition and love.

Dessert offerings such as the heavenly Kesari Barfi provided a sweet ending to the evening, leaving guests with warm memories and full hearts.

The Dawat e Eid Dinner Buffet at Food Exchange, Novotel Mumbai International Airport, was more than just a meal, it was a celebration of community, connection, and cherished moments. As the laughter and conversations continue to echo on social media, it’s clear that the event has left an unforgettable impression on all who had the pleasure of attending.

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