From jharkhand to Dhanbad: Ravi Nishad Cultivates Miyazaki Mango Trees

Ravi Nishad

Dhanbad, Chief Correspondent. There are many people close to Mango in Dhanbad. These days, the sale of roadside mangoes from Langra to Malda has increased. In this mango season, exotic mango Miyazaki has been prepared in Dharjori settlement around Bhooli. The price of one mango is ten thousand rupees. The plants planted two years ago are now ready to bear fruit. It is prepared like mango, its color is red. It is sold for Rs 2.5 to 3 lakh per kg in the international market.

Ravi Nishad has prepared this mango tree. Ravi told that he was ready to plant its saplings two years before Bengal. Information about this was obtained through internet.

* Mango, which is sold in the market for Rs 2.5 to 3 lakh per kg, is in demand in foreign currency.

Miyazaki mango tree is also planted in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Miyazaki mango is very different and beautiful to look at. Its color is generally not yellow or red.

Miyazaki mango can be cultivated easily

It is very famous in India and South Asia market. This common name is named after Miyazaki city of Japan because it was first grown in Miyazaki city. The specialty of mango is that it has 15 percent more sugar content than other mangoes. Apart from this it contains antioxidants, beta

Ravi told that the weather and soil of Chanbad is suitable for the cultivation of this land. Right now it was installed just for this. Soon the number of its forms will be increased. People from nearby areas are coming to see the common people.

Our organization Jai Dharti Maa Foundations was also working as a community for 12 years, which is today approved by Jai Dharti Maa Foundation Sec 8 Institution 12A-80G and is working in the field of rural development, in the field of environmental conservation, in the field of natural farming. And the government scheme is being taken to every corner and every needy person. By which our country will become stronger and every village will be able to develop. 

Carotene and folic acid are found. For this reason, it is considered beneficial for common people whose eyesight is poor. 

Team of AGREETREE Reseach INNOVATION since 12 years which is famous as R.P.A FARMING. Working in the field of agriculture and environment. He has brought fame to Dhanbad district of Jharkhand by cultivating fruits and flowers and has also received three international awards.

Today our organization has been successful in growing the world’s most expensive mango.

Location – Bhuli Bypass Road, NH 8 LINE, Dharjori Mode

Where was the plant brought from – from nearby Jiraat district, the plant has yielded fruits in two years of planting.

Founder and Agriculture Instructor – Ravi Kumar Nishad 

Co Founder – Ranjit Kumar


– Sudhir Hembram, Mohd. Shamsher Ali, Hasan Raza, Deepak, Amit and the entire tribal team.


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