Inspiring Makeup Artist Oozra Ali, Draws Students from Afar with Affordable Skillful Teaching.


Oozra Ali, who is well-known for her skill in makeup artistry, is becoming well-known as an ambitious makeup instructor who is winning over students from far away. Oozra has established herself as the go-to teacher for cosmetics enthusiasts looking to refine their techniques and recognise their potential in the industry because to her ongoing commitment for passing her knowledge at a reasonable price.

Oozra Ali is relatively new to the teaching field, but her reputation as a skilled, kind, and patient teacher precedes her. By utilising her years of experience and profound understanding of makeup methods, she has been educating her students with the resources and confidence required to follow their dreams of working in the beauty industry.

Sarah, one of Oozra’s students, talks about her experience making a long-distance journey to attend Oozra’s classes: “After just one session with Oozra, I was amazed by the transformation in my skills.” She makes learning from her so practical, which is a true blessing, and her teaching style is so effective and clear. My work has significantly improved, and I am so grateful that I had the chance to learn under someone with her kind of expertise.

Oozra’s influence on the Indian henna community is noticeable as her reputation grows. She was the pioneer in introducing authentic arab henna designs to India. Her offering of reasonably priced, superior quality henna lessons from Dubai and Saudi Arabia not only helps create talented henna artists but also promotes variety and industry support.



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