A Morning of Honors: India’s Magic Gems Award 2023-24 Unfolds at Jhunjhunwala College on December 21st.

India's Magic Gems

Jhunjhunwala College is poised to host a transformative morning on December 21, 2023, as it presents the India’s Magic Gems Award 2023-24. This unique event is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of exceptional individuals who have carved remarkable paths in their respective fields, becoming beacons of inspiration for college students.

The distinguished awardees include inspiring doctors such as Dr. Ashok Tiwari, a dedicated family physician; Dr. Amit Aiwale, a skilled neurosurgeon; and Dr. Nilesh Chordiya, a renowned oncosurgeon. These medical professionals exemplify unwavering commitment and excellence in their service to society.

The category of inspiring entrepreneurs under 40 introduces Avdt. Prakash Bhate, the innovative founder of Bharati Chemicals; Mr. Yogesh Sonawane, a magician who weaves magic beyond the ordinary; Mr. Ullesh Khandare, a celebrity makeup artist defining beauty standards; and Mr. Rajeev Singh, a marketing influencer associated with Soleil Capital Groups, showcasing leadership in the business world.

The dynamic startup award goes to Mr. Akash Bhabad, the visionary founder and CEO of Bhadab International Publications, highlighting entrepreneurship and innovation.

In the realm of entertainment, the celebration extends to Mr. Harshal Rane, a multifaceted actor, director, and owner of TTMM Activity Studio; Mr. Ninad Shetye, a talented writer and casting director; and Mr. Rajeev Joshi, an accomplished writer and journalist, contributing significantly to the creative industry.

The lifetime achievement category pays homage to individuals whose impact transcends time. Mr. Narayan Gawand, Chairman of GP Parsik Janta Bank in Kalwa, stands as a testament to a lifetime of service. Prof. Dr. Pramod Rajput, a mentor and global speaker, has shaped minds and inspired many. Mr. Ram Awana, a seasoned actor, and Mr. Vikas Ingale, a prolific photographer, receive well-deserved recognition for their enduring contributions.

The success of this event is made possible through the support of esteemed partners. Apli Mumbai Live, led by Ma. Chandan Patil, serves as the media partner, while Happen Recently, under the guidance of Mr. Shubham Pancheshwar, takes on the role of PR partner. Dr. Rajesh R’s 18 Art Gallery is the momento partner, and Vikas Ingale adds a visual touch as the photography partner. Co-sponsored by GP Parsik Janta Bank Kalwa, the event finds its home at Jhunjhunwala College, the dedicated venue partner. Further support comes from King Research Academy and Soleil Capital Groups.

The morning’s charm is enhanced by gifting partners Nimco, Veraku Lifestyle Pvt Ltd, and Soaps and More, adding a special touch to the celebration. Hosting the morning and ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees is the talented team from TTMM Studio.

Adding to the excitement, special guests include Mr. Jayesh Khade, a social entrepreneur and mentor; Mr. Abhishek Jamnare, the founder of Kinetic Innovations; Mr. Harinder Sahu, the founder of King Research; and Ms. Nisha Kapila, a distinguished fashion designer and Mrs. Maharashtra 1st Runner Up.

On December 21, 2023, at Jhunjhunwala College, witness the magic unfold and honor these extraordinary individuals who have left an indelible mark on their respective fields.


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