Indian author Oozra Ali is the author of
multiple works, including novels, short tales,
and poetry. She is renowned for her unique
writing style and for her capacity to portray
the human experience in a way that is both
approachable and thought-provoking.

Ali’s career as a writer got off to a young start.
She was raised in a home filled with books,
and from an early age, she fell in love with
reading and writing. Even as a young child,
she started writing stories and poetry, and she
kept doing so all throughout her life.

The beginning of Her Journey:
The beginning of Ali’s writing career was in a
little omani town. She was one of five
children, the middle child in an upper middle
class household. Her parents encouraged her
to pursue her aspirations and supported her
in her academic endeavours.

Ali was an average student at the local private
school she attended in Oman. She had a
particular passion for English and literature.
Ali returned to India after finishing high school
and pursued a BA with majors in psychology
and sociology.

Ali started writing poetry and short stories
while still in college. She frequently read and
wrote for hours in the library.
A literary club she joined allowed her to
network with other aspiring authors.
Just like any other Ali had her own ups and
Ali launched her own herbal soap company
for surviving in lockdown after finishing from
college. But in her spare time, she kept on
writing. She attempted to get her stories and
poems published in many magazines and
journals but was unsuccessful.
Ali wrote her debut book, “Who is your
in 2021, but she never had it
Throuout her struggle to finding the right
platform to publish her book, she made it

Many aspiring writers and young childrens
look up to Ali as an example. She is living
proof that everything is possible for someone
who is determined to pursue their goals.

5 weird facts about Oozra ali
● She couldn’t spell
● She wanted to become a doctor
● She survived a pandemic
● She considered herself as a spiritual
● She celebrated her birthday twice a
● Her real name is Sana Ali
● One of her favourite sir gave her a new
name ‘Oozra Ali’.


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