Astro-Educators Extraordinaire: ESRO MAGICA’s visionary Leaders Takes Space Learning to New Heights.


In the vast expanse of space education, a beacon of innovation and inspiration has emerged — ESRO MAGICA. Founded in July 2022, this dynamic platform is swiftly becoming a leader in the space education sector, shaping the dreams of aspiring astronomers, astronauts, and scientists across India. Let’s delve into the celestial journey of ESRO MAGICA and the visionaries behind its cosmic success.

At the helm of ESRO MAGICA are three visionaries with diverse expertise, collectively steering the platform towards greatness. Mr. Pravin Wakode, the CEO, stands as an award-winning Space Scientist, bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion for space education. Dr. Yuvraj Lambole, the CMO, adds a unique dimension with his background in Brain & Mind Science research, coupled with a dedication towards selections of right students, through a team of academic counselors. Completing this trio is Mr. Yogesh Unde, the CXO, a pioneer in the SWIFT Method and a seasoned Educationist, coupled with the award winning strategy creation and execution to grow the platform in a SWIFT way. Together, supported by 37 experts, they form the backbone of ESRO MAGICA’s mission.

Established merely a year ago, ESRO MAGICA has swiftly risen as a leader in space education. The platform’s mission is clear — to promote space education and knowledge. The impact is tangible, having connected with over 5000 satisfied clients in India. Their focus extends beyond mere education; they are committed to fulfilling the dreams of those yearning to explore the cosmos.

ESRO MAGICA distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive learning experience with personalized attention. This approach goes beyond traditional education, aiming to cultivate a space faring community globally. The founders emphasize patience and consistency, recognizing that nurturing the next generation of astronomers and scientists requires more than just textbooks.

Not content with conventional education, ESRO MAGICA is on a mission to contribute actively to space exploration. The platform has committed to developing a sounding rocket, providing a cost-effective means to collect valuable data about atmospheric conditions in space. This ambitious endeavor reflects ESRO MAGICA’s dedication to practical research and development in the field.

The strength of ESRO MAGICA lies not just in its founders but also in its diverse team of experts. Analog astronauts from NASA, award-winning scientists, and seasoned rocket scientists contribute their expertise. Beyond educating the privileged, ESRO MAGICA is committed to providing space education to underdeveloped and war-torn countries, promoting inclusivity in the realm of space knowledge.

ESRO MAGICA’s curriculum is a testament to its innovative spirit. Offering a range of courses for different age groups, from Space Science Mastery to the Junior Scientist Global Certification, the platform ensures that its educational offerings cater to a diverse audience. The Super 1000 Jr. Scientist program, limited to 1000 students, promises an immersive year-long experience, preparing the next generation of scientific trailblazers.

ESRO MAGICA has not gone unnoticed on the global stage. Recognized by Start-Up India, registered as a space tutor with ISRO, and STEM accredited in over 80 countries, the platform has received accolades for its innovative pedagogy and commitment to excellence. In a NASA-partnered Asteroid Search Campaign, ESRO MAGICA’s students discovered 12 asteroids, 18 asteroids within a year span, adding a celestial feather to its cap.

The platform adapts to current trends by continuously updating its curriculum and embracing technological innovations. The leadership style of Pravin Wakode, Yogesh Unde, and Yuvraj Lambole is marked by innovation, inclusivity, and a forward-thinking approach. Their impact is seen in the organization’s commitment to excellence and the global community of space enthusiasts they are creating.

As ESRO MAGICA looks ahead, it envisions a future where space science education is universally accessible. The platform aims to lead the nation in the upcoming space revolution, expanding its reach across India, and continuing to inspire and educate the next generation of space enthusiasts all over the world. ESRO MAGICA is not just about education; it’s about actively contributing to humanity’s exploration of the universe through space science and technology.

Embark on a celestial adventure with ESRO MAGICA, where the wonders of the universe come alive through education, exploration, and inspiration.

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