Batman’ Ben Affleck Is Reportedly Returning To DCU For Bruce Wayne Yet Again But Wait, There’s A Shaking Twist


While we are all emotional about Ben Affleck quitting Batman, seems like the plan is much bigger and he will still be in DCU.

The shuffles in the kingdom of DCU have been witnessed by the world and everyone is curious to see what these churn out. While there have been multiple exits and cut down of projects, one of the most emotional ones we are prepping ourselves for is Ben Affleck saying a final goodbye to Batman. Yes, the coming two times will be the last of Batfleck we will get to see on screen before he takes an exit. But it looks like he is going away from the screen but not from the studio.
Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom and The Flash will be the last two films that we were talking about. Beyond them, Ben has decided to hang his cape. But while that is confirmed by James Gunn already, he had also said that he will not stop working with Affleck who now wishes to enter the architectural team of the new DCU and specifically the Batman branch of it.

While James Gunn in a tweet has confirmed that Ben Affleck wants to direct one of the films on Chapter 1: Gods And Monsters roaster, a new report now claims that the studio has handed The Brave And The Bold to him. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.

You have read that right. Ben Affleck has been reportedly considered to direct the next Batman movie in the new DCU titled The Brave And The Bold. James Gunn is introducing a new Bruce Wayne and it is certainly not Ben. As per the report, this will mark Affleck’s return to the director’s chair and also to the Batman universe.
If you are unaware, in the past, Ben Affleck was roped in to star, direct and write The Batman. The actor had to let the job go and never really got any solo Bruce Wayne flick to his credit. The movie then went into the hands of Matt Reeves, who then decided to bring in Robert Pattinson as the titular superhero and the rest is history.


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