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    Police officers often face criticism for not meeting expectations, but it’s important to recognize those who perform their duties with utmost sincerity and dedication. Recently, a heartwarming incident reported by Mr Abhijot Singh in Kondhwa, Pune, highlighted the dedicated work of police personnel that often goes unnoticed. It is regarding Mr. Laxman Kale of Kondhwa Police Chowky who responded to a distress call and found a man lying in an inebriated state at Salunke Vihar. Mr. Kale quickly reached the location, checked on the man, and tried to contact his family, making several calls to different numbers from the man’s phone before finally getting hold of his wife. He asked her to come to the place and take her husband, back home. Mr. Abhijot Singh told that he left the scene, but Mr. Kale stayed behind to ensure that the man’s family arrived to take him back.

    Mr. Kale’s unwavering commitment to serving the community, even when it means waiting for several hours, speaks volumes about his dedication and passion towards his duty. Mr. Abhijot Singh, a core member of Ninebee Foundation, expressed his gratitude towards Mr. Laxman Kale for his selfless and dedicated work. “Your efforts did not go unnoticed, and I am grateful for the crucial role you play in ensuring the safety and security of our society. I hope that you continue to serve with the same level of commitment and enthusiasm, and I wish you all the best in your future,” wrote Mr. Abhijot Singh in a message to Mr. Kale.

    This incident highlights the essential role that police personnel play in our society. It’s important to acknowledge that there are many police officials who are doing their job with utmost sincerity and dedication. These brave men and women put their lives on the line every day to ensure our safety and security, often facing challenging situations that require quick thinking and problem-solving skills.

    Mr. Kale’s commitment to serving the community is an inspiration to all of us. His efforts have shown that police personnel are not just enforcers of the law but also compassionate individuals who care about the well-being of the citizens they serve. The incident also emphasizes the importance of community involvement and how individuals and organizations can support the efforts of our police personnel.

    Abhijot Singh is the owner of Cloth-in Store, a prestigious clothing store that sells ready-made garments in Pune. The shop is highly popular among millennials in Pune due to its excellent reputation and the extra efforts they take to provide the best collection of clothes. Besides running his business, Abhijot is an active member of Ninebee Foundation, an organization dedicated to social work and community service. He is committed to making a positive impact on society through his selfless and philanthropic efforts. Abhijot is seen often with Ninebee Foundation’s drives be it food distribution or medical aid. He has been an active part to organize self-defense classes for women and partnered with reputable organizations to participate in international martial arts events. Abhijot’s dedication to improving the lives of those around him and making them more meaningful is highly respected.

    Ninebee Foundation, a registered section 8 non-profit organization recognized by NITI Aayog and the Government of India, has expressed appreciation for Officer Laxman Kale’s dedicated work in serving the
    community. The foundation has a team of committed professionals who are making a real difference in the lives of the underprivileged.

    The foundation’s notable efforts include providing free food, educational support, book banks, cloth banks, medicines, and other forms of support to needy, specifically children, senior citizens and the elderly who have been abandoned by their children. Additionally, they empower women by providing startup support and guidance for those interested in setting up their own businesses to become self-dependent. The core members of Ninebee Foundation deserve applause for their selfless service as they do not receive salaries and instead contribute their own finances to the cause. The foundation’s work in rural development, education, health, environment, women’s rights, child welfare, poverty alleviation, disability rights, humanitarian causes, and sustainable development is truly commendable. Donations made towards the NGO also get Tax Benefits. One can be a part of the team by sending a message want2help on whatsapp 8007776088 and check more details on the facebook page or the website

    Mr. Z V Patil, a well-known professor in an engineering college and head of the electronics department, is one of the directors of Ninebee Foundation. He brings his expertise in engineering and electronics to the foundation, providing valuable guidance and support for various technical initiatives taken up by the foundation.

    Mr Amarpreet Singh, another director and founder of Ninebee Foundation, is an IT professional working with Kogson Infotech and a US-based IT company with expertise in e-commerce and cloud computing. Amarpreet has a diverse educational background, including engineering and management. He has also received certifications in social work and disaster management from Harvard University and has worked with top companies such as Wipro Technologies, Cisco, and Tech Mahindra. Amarpreet’s expertise in IT has been instrumental in driving various technological initiatives of the foundation.

    Ninebee Foundation’s admirable efforts to improve the lives of those in need have made a profound impact on society. One of their most discussed and widely praised projects is Stree Safe, which provides assistance to single mothers and other women who are alone and in need of support. The initiative is led by Guneet Kaur, who works with Barclays, UK. The foundation offers a wide range of programs and initiatives that have proven to be effective. In conclusion, Ninebee Foundation has demonstrated that change is indeed possible, and with the support of dedicated individuals like Officer Laxman Kale, a brighter future is well within reach.

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