Here Is The Proof That Ranbir Kapoor And Shraddha Kapoor Starrer Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar Trimmed By 5 Minutes, Censor Certificate Inside!

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor starrer ‘Tiger Jhoothi Main Makkar’ set to release this Holi on 8th March. Film is making noise as lead pair is promoting the film all over.
We reported in our Exclusive a week back that fil has runtime of 2 hours 44 minutes and advances will start from 5th March. Film has opted for ‘popular pricing’ on lines of ‘Drishyam 2’. Then news surfaced that film’s runtime was 2 hour 39 minutes and then we dig deeper to find out the truth.
As per censor certification, TJMM had runtime of 2 hours 44 minutes and then film was resubmit or edited by 5 minutes. It is clearly mentioned in censor certificate. Probably longer runtime forced makers to cut it by 5 minutes.

Here is the censor certificate:
So final runtime of the film is:
Running Time: 2 hour 39 minutes 58 seconds
Certificate: UA

1st half – 01 hr 09 min 39 sec
2nd half – 01 hr 30 min 19 sec
Full Film – 02 hr 39 min 58 sec
Ranbir Kapoor Slams Media, Says, ‘It Enjoys Downgrading The Hindi Cinema’
In recent years, the Hindi film industry, also known as Bollywood, has faced its fair share of controversies and criticisms. From the nepotism debate to the ongoing drug probe, the industry has been under constant scrutiny by the media and the public.
During the ‘Tu Jhooti Main Makkar’ promotions, Ranbir slammed the media for downgrading and making false statements about Hindi cinema. Ranbir said, “Har industry me hits or flops hote hai. Magar aaj kal specially media ko bohot maza aata he Hindi cinema ko nicha karne me Hindi cinema khatam ho gaya, Boycott Bollywood aur south cinema hi best hai. I think the way we make movies for the audience, the audience also gives that love back if we make a good film. Audiences have all the right to say bad things about our movies, if we fail to meet their expectations. Ups and downs keep going on in the film industry. And currently it’s not like the industry is not receiving massive collections. Just go and see ‘Pathaan’s collection. It’s so good and deserving.”
Another controversy that rocked Bollywood was the ‘Boycott Bollywood’ trend that gained traction on social media platforms. The trend started in the aftermath of the tragic death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who allegedly died by suicide. Many people accused Bollywood of promoting nepotism and not giving outsiders a fair chance in the industry. However, several celebrities spoke out against the trend, including actors Anushka Sharma and Taapsee Pannu, who called it “toxic”. They urged people to stop spreading hate and negativity and focus on positivity and love.


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