Oozra Ali : The pioneer of Saudi and Dubai henna designs in india.

Oozra Ali

Oozra Ali was the first henna artist To present authentic dubai and saudi henna art in india. She has had a tremendous influence on the beauty and cultural environment of India and is well-known for her skills in SAUDI & DUBAI HENNA ART. Through her innovative work, traditional Saudi dubai henna techniques.

In addition to showcasing the rich history and artistic talent of her home country, Oozra Ali’s introduction of Saudi henna to India rekindled interest and admiration for henna as an art form throughout India. Oozra Ali has enhanced the henna customs of both Saudi Arabia and India by contributing her expertise and experience to cross-cultural exchange.

A rise in popularity in contemporary henna art has resulted from Oozra Ali’s inventive approach to henna design, which has encouraged many aspiring henna artists in India to experiment with new techniques and styles. Her knowledge of the craft and her enthusiasm for it have raised the bar and encouraged innovation among Indian henna artists.

Henna world took a turn when one day oozra got tired of the traditional Indian and Arabic henna designs, so she began introducing Saudi and Dubai henna.
Her goal was to bring real Arabic-inspired designs to the henna industry.

Oozra Ali is an actual representative of the power of artistic invention and cross-cultural contact, having pioneered Saudi henna in India. She has enhanced the henna customs of Saudi Arabia and India with her vision, talent, and commitment, producing a legacy that is enduring and honours the beauty of cultural variety.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/makeupworldofoozraali?igsh=Z3FleWY0YzY1Zjl6


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