Pankaj Madhvani showed the power of his stories through short movies which will soon be released on OTT platform.

Pankaj Madhvani

Actor Pankaj Madhvani was born in Bhopal(mp). Along with being talented in studies, he had a lot of interest in films since childhood, after all, this is cinematic magic, being influenced by this, he acted in school college programs and continued to write. Then films used to be released on Thursdays and it was decided to watch films every week after bunking school and college. Used to wait for Thursday when the new film will be released and go to the cinema hall to watch the film and rehearse the dialogues and scenes of the same film and act, mimicry at school, college and home, because of this many times scolding and beating at home. She also used to get hit on the mimicry of school teachers, but in the heart, the desire to work in films was just increasing, but for the son of a middle-class family who struggles financially, films like this It seemed that this is some magical world which is far away from a common man, one can be happy just by seeing them, nothing can happen, and this passion of reaching the film world got buried somewhere in the burden of responsibilities. From an early age, his father’s work was engaged in business and at the same time he obtained a masters degree in Applied economics and business management. But the passion in the heart towards acting, films and creativity never diminished, this passion finally took him to Mumbai in 2017. The magical world which was in dreams was now in front of him, luck finally came there. He says No – ‘If you really want something from your heart, then the whole universe tries to match it with you’, the journey started from there, but nothing was so easy like every small town person goes to Mumbai and struggles, the same struggle for him. Carving makes a diamond. It was very difficult to make an identity there and reach the right place, but with the blessings of God and parents, Pankaj took training in production and film making in Mumbai, learned every little detail, understood and then line production Started, established our line production work in Europe’s beautiful country Greece as well and started taking projects for shoots, events there, although many projects were canceled due to Corona and the entire film and entertainment industry remained closed for two years and all Got a lot of damage.

But had to move forward and keep learning something or the other, here Pankaj learned more nuances of acting and took theater training under Shri Alok Chatterjee who is NSD gold medallist and President awardee, Pankaj as an actor Roop has played important roles in many films, web series and music videos which are going to be released soon, the most prominent of them is ‘VCR’ in which he is the co-producer and executive producer of the film along with strong acting. The film was selected in the Goa international film festival 2022 and was screened on 22/11/2022 at the Goa international film festival where the film was highly appreciated by the critics and the audience. Along with screen acting, Pankaj’s austerity in theater also continued, now Pankaj is directing film projects as well as dramas giving social messages and dramatizations of similar message and satirical stories, which are being staged in June. It will be held in Bhopal at the end. Along with acting, direction and production, Pankaj also provides free training in acting, diction and speech to young artists who have the passion to learn. Along with this, Pankaj himself also writes that he is going to make short movies on three stories written by him, which will be released on OTT platform, whose pre-production is going on and soon they will be shot at Bhopal and nearby locations, in which young artists of the state will be involved. Will be given a chance to work. Screen name – pankaj madhwa Writings and blogs are also published under the name of pankaj madhwa.

date of birth – 24th November
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