Pictor Telematics Revolutionizing Telematics Industry with Extensive Product Range and Commitment to Excellence

Pictor Telematics

Pictor Telematics Pvt Ltd, a trailblazer in the telematics industry, is proud to introduce its visionary founders who have spearheaded the company’s remarkable growth and success. From humble beginnings in 2014 as a one-man, one-room company, Pictor Telematics has evolved into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, driven by the founders’ exceptional goodwill and an inspiring journey of success.

With a vision to deliver high tech solutions to unorganised transport logistics in India, slowly while handling this deep tech telematics industry I realised that its never been alone to solve this massive problem which everyday making nuisance to truck owners about to manage fleets and gaining profit on 4-5digits.
Helping multiple of young startups from 2017 to making them Unicorns of this industry we established ourself as a most trusted brand and gained around 2800 of dealer and distribution channel of telematics supply eco system across the India.
We accept the challenges of diversified need of different regions from different part of India we are now catering and playing with latitudes and longitudes so easy, not only in gps tracking revolution in India but also in Video telematics for capital insurance, diagnostics of BMS electric vehicles loss of batteries, expertise of India cold chain logistics solutions and AI driven new Verticals
Our service now available in India 24×7 with 9 new verticals to gain telematics systems integrators choices with economical options.

Our key of Business which we always kept in mind that as our MD Mr. Rajesh Kumar said “India is the biggest market of this world but always keep a truth behind it that is its price sensitive market, our clients are our investors, praise them and earn their heart winning testimonials, you will never be replaceable”.
Looking ahead, Pictor Telematics is set to embark on an exciting expansion into international markets. The company aims to bring its innovative solutions to businesses around the globe. This expansion will not only strengthen Pictor Telematics’ global footprint but also create opportunities for more Indian startups to grow exponentially by leveraging their advanced telematics technologies.

As successful business coaches, the founders of Pictor Telematics have not only built a thriving enterprise but have also made significant contributions as social workers. They have actively participated in initiatives aimed at uplifting the Indian economy by promoting entrepreneurship and fostering innovation. Their visionary leadership and commitment to social impact have set them apart as true thought leaders in the industry.
We are welcoming more collaboration and revenue exchange idea’s feel free to write us at rajesh.ceo@pictortelematics.com or visit www.pictortelematics.com


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