Punam Gupta: A Serial Entrepreneur Cum Social Worker

Punam Gupta

Ayurveda, which means the Science of long life, is at least 5000 years old system of Indian Medicine. Ayurveda is the medicine that not only deals with body but also with mind and spirit. According to Ayurveda, most of the diseases in the body are caused by the imbalance of three different Doshas namely, Vata, Pitta & Kapha.
Immuno Life Private Limited deals in wide array of Ayurvedic Products, Pet Products and Cattle Feed Supplements. It manufactures more than 100 Ayurvedic Products in the form of syrups, oils, tablets and capsules.
Its target within next few years is to use maximum advantage of Ayurveda and promote it on the global level. To do so, they are using brand equity, vast experience, research capabilities, core knowledge and capability.
From the past few years they have successfully created a high standard position in domestic as well as in international market. The products offered by them are pure, natural and hygienic. These products are of better quality and free from any side effects. Their commitment to social health care through natural products with proven efficacy leads to satisfaction of society.
Immuno’s 30M philosophy has been rooted in Quality and care and it is this ideology that has kept them alive through ups and downs. The company’s greatest asset has always been its employees and it is in them they place their trust to shoulder the company’s corporate responsibility and to uphold the company’s ideals and values. A healthy blend of World-Class Quality, Disease prevalence-dependent, wide variety of products, stress on preventive Lifestyle products, a positive upbeat mood of one & all in the company and a feeling of oneness, is the recipe that Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd. presents humbly to humanity. The “For the people, By the People” dictum is followed by the management in the company, thus making it surge forward with the force of the common goal to accomplish their Mission. They aim to serve mankind globally through their affordable and international standard quality products, encompassing the environmental synergy in the process.
Punam Gupta heart goes out to the families and friends of all those people whose lives have been impacted by the pandemic. She would also like to take this opportunity to show her immense gratitude to all our frontline heroes – Police Personnel, Doctors, other Health care workers and Sanitation workers for their efforts in keeping us safe.
Punam Gupta with more than 25 years of successful experience in industrial Sector i.e., Pharma, Food and other manufacturing Sector.
Punam Gupta belonged to a middle class family, born in 1973, did her post-graduation along with different diplomas in computer science, Mass Communication with journalism and LLB.
Thereafter she opened the computer centre and a consultancy firm and have now she grown up as an entrepreneur. Now with the help of MSME she have grown as an established entrepreneur and opened a veterinary and Ayurvedic unit.
She did various seminars on development of industries and motivated other small scale industries to make an effect and grow up as their own. She also gave seminar with Haryana Chamber of commerce for Quality Certification and with NSIC and MSME and Baddi University for Quality certification i.e., ISO, Lean Manufacturing, etc.
She was awarded by Director General of drugs and tried to become helpful to many people, who started their own small scale industries.

Punam Gupta got Rashtriya Gaurav Award from Women Power Society and offered many professional services and most ethical values in life as well as Social Activities.
The Company has a strong commitment towards environment sustainability and social development. This is part of their commitment to reduce the impact of business on the environment and be a responsible corporate citizen. Her commitment to social responsibility is also reflected in the several welfare programmes she run across the country by our NGO-Together We Can Foundation which works on Food Safety, Body/ Organ Donation, Cyber Security and safety, Employment Generation, Cyber Security, Environment Protection, etc. She donates 2% of her total profits to NGO as CSR. She got award and recognitions from Mr. Sunil Gavaskar, Cricket Champion, Mr. Rajat Sharma, NDTV News Editor, Suniel Shetty, Sonu Sood, etc. for commendable social works.
She want reliable partners who can dedicate their time, energy and teamwork to achieve common goals.

To Know more: www.punamgupta.com


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