Sandip, the Founder of Rolling Reels: Creating Memories in a Budget


Sandip, the founder of Rolling Reels, is a man on a mission to help people create memories without breaking their bank accounts. His journey began in 2017 when he noticed that people wanted photography services, but they couldn’t afford them. So he decided to start his own business to provide affordable and quality photography and videography services to everyone.

Coming from a humble background, Sandip worked hard during his studies, pursuing a degree in sound engineering. He always had a desire to contribute to society and create a name for himself like Ratan Tata. He saw an opportunity to give back to society by creating a business that catered to the needs of the middle class. Sandip is from Badarpur a small town of Assam and he went to guwahati for studies. Coming from a small town and establishing business in northeast India is Very inspiring for every dreamer from the Small town.

Sandip’s vision for Rolling Reels is to provide excellent photography and videography services in Northeast India and to give emerging artists a chance to showcase their talents. His slogan, “We turn your dreams into reality,” reflects his commitment to giving more to his clients.

Sandip believes that photographers and videographers should be treated with respect, just like any other profession, such as doctors or engineers. He has set out to change the way people perceive photographers by delivering excellent service to his clients.

Rolling Reels’ success is due to Sandip’s hard work and dedication to providing excellent service to his clients. He started with very few resources, with only 2-3 teachers and a friend named Ajay to help him. Despite the challenges, Sandip never gave up on his dream and worked hard to make Rolling Reels a reality.

In conclusion, Sandip’s journey is an inspiring story of perseverance and dedication. He saw a problem that people faced, and he worked hard to create a solution. Sandip’s story teaches us that if we believe in ourselves and work hard towards our goals, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. Rolling Reels is not just a photography and videography business, but a symbol of hope and inspiration for anyone who has a dream.

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