Shehzada Review: Every dose in Kartik Aryan’s ‘Shehzada’, for which the whistle rings Kartik Aryan film Shehzada is a treat for masala cinema lover


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What is the definition of a perfect film? Not only that there should be dance, the hero should wash the villain fiercely, romance, music should be on top and yes, along with emotion, comedy should also be there. Kartik Aryan has brought a full to masala film for his fans in the form of ‘Shahzada’ with the same formula. Now the box office will tell how much his fans like this new action avatar of Kartik Aaryan.


A son is born in the house of Randeep Jindal (Ronit Roy), the owner of Jindal Enterprises, and Balmiki (Paresh Rawal), a staff working in his company. For some reason Valmiki swaps both the children. In such a situation, the only prince of the Jindal company, Bantu (Kartik Aryan) remains as a clerk’s son and Raj (Rathi), the clerk’s son, lives luxuriously in the Jindal royal family. Due to his bad luck, Bantu always has to live with second hand things. While looking for a job, Bantu meets Samara (Kriti Sanon). Seeing Samara as the boss, Bantu falls in love with her. Meanwhile, he also comes to know about this disgusting truth of Valmiki. Now the story takes a new turn from here. Will Bantu be able to reveal his truth to the Jindal family? Wherein, is the family ready to adopt Bantu? What happens to Samara and Bantu’s love story? Head to the theaters to know the answers to all these questions.


Rohit Dhawan has brought Shehzada after films like Desi Boyz, Dishoom. Shahzada is a remake of such a South film, which reminds of Bollywood’s masala film of the 80s. Rohit has made a successful attempt to fit that flavor of 80’s on today’s contemporary era. The dose of entertainment in Rohit’s film is in the right amount. Neither an attempt has been made to overdo anything nor has anything been kept low. The film is undoubtedly a remake but Rohit’s touch is also clearly visible in it. He has crisped many scenes in South while making them in Hindi. For example, the way Allu Arjun and Pooja Hegde’s chemistry has been given a long timeframe in the first half, whereas in Hindi, full care has been taken to stabilize the love story in a short time. Yes, the important thing is that if you miss the first 15-20 minutes of the film, then you may have difficulty in understanding the story.
Talking about the first half, the film seems a bit long in length and some scenes seem to be crammed without any reason, which shows the carelessness of the editor. And in the second half, the film picks up pace. Especially the one liners and comic punch in the film make its second half interesting. Famous Kartik Aryan’s scene on nepotism for the monologue really compels one to whistle. The climax has been ended at a different point. Yes, the first half of the film where the focus is on Kartik and Kriti’s romance, it turns into a complete family drama by the end. Kriti Sanon remains absent in the last 30 minutes, seeing which Kriti’s fans will surely be disappointed. If you have not seen the original version of the film, then it is claimed that this film will not disappoint you.


Music of the film has not yet hit the tongue like the South version. A few days before the release, Kartik has released the character Dheela song. Had it been released a little sooner, maybe the song would have got a better space. Cinematically the film looks very beautiful. Full care has been taken of the grandeur on the screen. Had a little attention been paid to editing, this 2 hour 46 minute film could have been a bit more crisp. Action in the film has to be praised. Karthik’s styling and his action both have been top class. Blowing glasses, smoking beedi and riding a scooter in swag, Kartik suits every frame of the screen.


The entire casting of the film is its plus point. Karthik Aryan has explored himself as an entertainer in this film. Action, romance, comedy and a little emotion, Karthik has retained every essence on the screen very well. They have not been seen more or less anywhere. At the same time, Kriti Sanon’s work as a lawyer has also been decent. However, in comparison to the first half, Kriti is unable to leave as much impact in the second half. The pairing of Paresh Rawal as Balmiki with Karthik in Nahle Pe Dehle has been perfect. Manisha Koirala and Ronit Roy seem quite comfortable in their roles. Apart from this, Rajpal Yadav may have appeared in a few scenes but his comic timing has been amazing.


Apart from being an entertainer film, this film also teaches you some values ​​of the family. Karthik has been seen doing tremendous action in this film. This film has all the quality that a cinema lover looks for. If you look for too much logic in the film, then you will be disappointed, but if you watch the film for the purpose of pure entertainment, then the time will be good.


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