Simpladent Clinics Unveils Revolutionary Corticobasal Dental Implant Clinic for Immediate Tooth Replacement


[New Delhi, )5 October, 2023] – In a groundbreaking development in the world of dental implants, Simpladent Clinics is proud to unveil a state-of-the-art Corticobasal Dental Implant Clinic. With a focus on providing patients with the fastest, least invasive, and most successful dental implant solutions available today, this clinic is set to transform the dental implant landscape not only in India but across the globe.
Immediate Loading Implants: A Game-Changer
Simpladent Clinics is providing an innovative approach to dental implants by offering immediate loading implants that can replace teeth, dentures, crowns, and bridges within an astonishing 48 hours. This is a paradigm shift in the dental industry, as traditional dental implant procedures typically require weeks or even months before patients can enjoy their new teeth.
Dr. Vivek Gaur, Chief Implantologist, Simpladent explains, “Our primary focus is on patient convenience and satisfaction. Immediate loading implants mean that our patients can regain their beautiful smiles and chewing function in just two days, a feat that was unimaginable until now.”

Minimal Invasiveness, Maximum Success
One of the standout features of the Corticobasal Dental Implant Clinic is its commitment to providing the least traumatic dental implant solutions available. Traditional implant procedures often involve invasive surgery, including flap creation and sinus lifts, which can lead to longer recovery times and increased discomfort for patients.
In contrast, the Corticobasal approach used at Simpladent Clinics minimizes invasiveness by utilizing cortical bone fixation. Dr. Gaur emphasizes, “Our implants are osseofixated in cortical bone, and their success does not depend on ‘osseointegration,’ as is the case with conventional implants. This means less trauma, faster healing, and a more comfortable experience for our patients.”
No Expensive Bone Grafting Required
Many patients are deterred from getting dental implants due to the perceived need for costly bone grafting procedures. Simpladent Clinics addresses this concern by specializing in cases with minimal bone availability. Dr. Vivek Gaur and his team have achieved remarkable success in treating patients with challenging bone conditions, eliminating the need for expensive bone grafts.

Dr. Gaur affirms, “We have a strong track record of success in ‘no bone’ cases, and we take pride in making dental implants accessible and affordable for a broader range of patients.”
A Global Destination for Dental Implants
With its groundbreaking approach and unparalleled success rates, Simpladent Clinics is poised to become a global destination for individuals seeking high-quality dental implant solutions. Patients from all over India and around the world can now benefit from the expertise and innovation offered by Dr. Vivek Gaur and his team.
“We are committed to delivering life-changing smiles to patients from every corner of the world,” says Dr. Gaur. “Our Corticobasal Dental Implant Clinic is not just a dental clinic; it’s a symbol of hope for those who thought dental implants were out of reach.” For details please visit our



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