Sudhanshu Krishna Rai and Ganesh Shankar Soni’s Bhojpuri film “Sajni Chura lihli dilwa Hamar” *

Sudhanshu Krishna Rai

Mumbai. The grand muhurat of Bageshwar Balaji Films production “Sajni Chura lihli dilwa Hamar”, the first upcoming film of the production, was completed in Mumbai, the city of dreams. Yash Rai (FIWA), director Brijbhushan Sinha, producer mamendra Kumar, producer Ashish Chandel and many other eminent personalities from the cinema world were the chief guests on the special occasion. Sudhanshu Krishna Rai and the entire team are very excited about the film and the title of the film.
The producer-director said that the film is a clean and family story, there will be a lot of romance, action, comedy in this film. This film is a very popular song that people will like to a great extent. The film will feature Sudhanshu Krishna Rai and Rupa Mishra. You will see the amazing camastry of these two. The film will be made in the beautiful gardens of Ballia district in the month of September-October. The producer has also said that after the shooting of this film, the shooting of the Bhojpuri film “Dastan e Ishq” will begin. The preparation of which is going on with a loud noise.

In fact, this Bhojpuri film “Sajni Chura lihli dilwa Hamar”is the first upcoming film of Bageshwar Balaji Films production Pvt. The film is produced by Ganesh Shankar Soni, CEO of Bageshwar Balaji Films production, and Girish Sharma, co-producer. Vivek Singh, who has directed several films, has also directed the film. Author pramanshu Kumar Rai, lyrics were given by Dipak Misra and dance is by Gyan ji. Associate Director Kishan Upadhyay and assistant Karishma (Pari) and the PRO of the film is Kuldeep Chaurasia.

The film stars Sudhanshu Krishna Rai, Rupa Mishra, Anamika Dahiya, yashit Rai and Girish Sharma in the lead roles.

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