“Wheelhouse Lounge’s Spectacular Halloween Gala Brings Together Mumbai’s Brightest Minds, Influencers, and Glamour for a Night of Networking, Style, and Celebration”

Wheelhouse Lounge's

Mumbai, 31st October, A grand Halloween celebration at Wheelhouse Lounge, a renowned hub for social gatherings and networking, was mesmerizingly transformed into a haunted hotspot on Halloween night, hosting an exclusive event that brought together bloggers, entrepreneurs, and the stunning Miss Mumbai finalists. The event was a spectacular fusion of business, fashion, and fun, making it a memorable night for all attendees.

The Halloween soirée kicked off in style with a red carpet entrance adorned with eerie decorations and a macabre ambiance. The gathering was attended by a mix of business-savvy entrepreneurs, influential bloggers, and the dazzling Miss Mumbai finalists, creating a unique and diverse atmosphere that blended the worlds of business and fashion seamlessly.

“In an exciting one-on-one interview done by Rajveer Singh from timesnowbusiness.com, who had the pleasure of talking to the Director of the Miss Mumbai Pageant, Mrs. Soumya Singh and Some of the Prominent Bloggers like : Anagha Sonawane, Uzma Savardekar, Jyoti Rolla, Nikhil Ojha, Akash Singh, Jaya Singh, Rajdev Singh Aulakh, Prathamesh Shah, Pratibha Bhadauria, Shubham Kothari, Aniket Bangar, Riya Shah, Irfan Shaukat, Ketan Patil, Gokul Pillai and Suraj Shinde.

The profound expertise of these influential bloggers in the field of food and gastronomy along with their creative thoughts & the experience of reel creation left a lasting impression. Moreover, their boundless enthusiasm and authentic engagement during the interview transformed this Halloween event into an enchanting and indelible experience.

Throughout the evening, business discussions were interspersed with fashion and fun. Entrepreneurs had the opportunity to network with bloggers, exchanging ideas and insights. The Miss Mumbai finalists added a touch of glamour to the event, sharing their experiences and vision with the attendees.

Guests enjoyed a delightful menu specially crafted for the occasion, featuring a fusion of flavors that tantalized the taste buds. From witch’s brew cocktails to delectable finger foods, Wheelhouse Lounge ensured that the Halloween event offered both sustenance and style.

Wheelhouse Lounge owned by partners – Capt Presenjeet Kumar, Kaptan Malik, Surrender Verma and Sumeet Singh has consistently been a hub for fostering connections, and this Halloween event exemplified their commitment to providing a platform for professionals and enthusiasts to come together in a dynamic and creative atmosphere.

Wheelhouse Lounge spared no expense in creating an atmosphere that embraced the Halloween spirit. The venue was transformed into a ghostly wonderland, featuring chilling decorations, spine-tingling cocktails, and enchanting live entertainment. Attendees arrived in costume, showcasing their creativity and adding to the spooky atmosphere.


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