“Yuhi Lounge: Mumbai’s Celestial Culinary Escape Offering Panoramic Views and Exquisite Flavors”

Yuhi Lounge

In a rendezvous at the enchanting rooftop lounge, Yuhi, nestled amidst the picturesque Powai skyline, Rajveer Singh aka RV the ace journalist had the privilege of engaging with influential personalities from various domains, amplifying the euphoria of their dining escapades.

Interacting intimately with the crème de la crème of social influence in the hospitality industry, including the esteemed Prithvish Ashar, the illustrious Vibha Narshana, and the emerging sensations in the culinary world, Ashu Saxena, Roopam Lakhanpal & Rajdev Aulakh, a symphony of praises resonated for Yuhi Lounge.

“Yuhi Lounge has indeed set a new benchmark,” exclaimed Prithvish Ashar, echoing the sentiments of every connoisseur present. “The blend of culinary finesse, a mesmerizing ambience, and impeccable service here is simply unparalleled.”

Vibha Narshana, radiating delight, added, “The panoramic views coupled with the delightful gastronomic journey truly elevate the entire dining experience to a celestial realm.”

In a candid tête-à-tête with Roopam Lakhanpal & Rajdev Aulakh, they enthusiastically expressed their admiration. “Yuhi’s fusion of flavors, especially the meticulously crafted sushi and exquisite cocktails, resonates with the evolving palate of the discerning clientele,” they concurred.

Adding a layer to this scintillating experience, managing director Lokesh Raipure and operations head Suprith S Karkera have meticulously crafted an ambiance that transcends mere dining. DJ Slim Shady’s melodic tunes complement the panoramic views, creating an ethereal environment.

Also, while interacting with the manager Rohit, the bloggers learned about the NYE Masquerade party happening this Sunday, December 31st, featuring unlimited drinks and food!

The diverse calendar of events, a hallmark of Yuhi Lounge, caters to every whim. From Girls Night on Wednesdays to Bollywood Nights on Saturdays, the lounge seamlessly morphs from a serene sundowner spot to a vibrant weekend escapade.

Yuhi Lounge emerges not just as a dining haven but a multifaceted experience blending work and leisure seamlessly. This culinary gem promises an indelible journey above the city lights, leaving an indelible mark on every patron’s soul.

Stay tuned for more exclusive experiences and discoveries!

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