Elephant Shield’s Liquid Rubber Unleashes a New Era in Surface Protection for Massive Structures.

Elephant Shield's

In the dynamic landscape of surface protection technology, Elephant Shield emerges as a trailblazer, introducing a groundbreaking solution to fortify structures against the most challenging environments. Established in 2019 by COPEMAN SPECIALITY LLP, Elephant Shield takes center stage with its Liquid Rubber marvel – a game-changer, especially in the Business-to-Business (B2B) sector where colossal structures and demanding conditions necessitate resilient defense.

Elephant Shield’s Liquid Rubber (ESLR) flexes its muscles with a remarkable 950% expansion and 95% recovery, establishing itself as the go-to choice for handling expansion joints in massive structures. Noteworthy is its application in Narendra Modi Stadium which is one of the largest cricket stadiums, tackling a variance of 1 to 3 inches in gaps during seasonal changes. This three-year success story highlights ESLR’s effectiveness in waterproofing, an area where conventional solutions fell short.

Setting ESLR apart is its eco-friendly composition – a non-toxic, water-based formula that is VOC-free. This makes it a versatile solution applicable in any location without concerns about its environmental impact. Its exceptional low permeability and compatibility with over 200 inorganic products make ESLR an indispensable asset in safeguarding structures facing extreme challenges, such as coastal areas and factories dealing with heavy chemicals.

A compelling success narrative unfolds from a salt processing plant merely 2 kilometers away from the shoreline. Prior to adopting ESLR, the plant grappled with annual maintenance issues due to the corrosive effects of high salinity costal wind. However, with ESLR in action for the past two years, the plant not only witnessed zero maintenance but also achieved a notable reduction in its carbon footprint, showcasing the broader environmental benefits of this cutting-edge solution.

Rooted in Canadian innovation, Elephant Shield’s Liquid Rubber has become synonymous with high-performance surface protection, addressing challenges spanning waterproofing, corrosion control, chemical resistance, and air barrier coatings. With an expansive global presence, Elephant Shield boasts a clientele that includes ADANI, FORD Motors, TATA, ITC, and L&T. ESLR’s versatility finds application in households, commercial properties, SMEs, and extensive industrial projects, offering solutions for cracks, joints, bolt holes, utility cutouts, and comprehensive waterproofing.

In conclusion, Elephant Shield’s Liquid Rubber stands not just as a product but as a revolution in surface protection. With a 4.1-star rating on Amazon, it continues to redefine norms by offering user-friendly application, DIY functionality, and cost-effective benefits. This liquid rubber solution is more than a shield; it’s a testament to resilience, longevity, and a commitment to safeguarding structures worldwide.


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